Isthmus Bubble Soccer is authorized by the National Association of Bubble Soccer

Do you offer discounts for fundraising events or youth groups?  

Yes! Bubble soccer is a great way to raise money. Contact us for more information on discounts for non-profit organizations. 

Are there height, weight or age restrictions? 

​​Players between 4'10" - 6'2" will be most comfortable in the balls. There is no weight minimum, but we cannot let players above 275 lbs participate due to safety concerns.


At this time, we are restricting the age to 11+. The balls weigh 25 lbs when inflated, which is often uncomfortable for smaller children.  Our leagues are currently limited to 18+

Can I rent the bubble suits without the supervision of staff or a referee? 

​​No. Due to safety concerns, we require Isthmus Bubble Soccer staff to supervise the use of the  bubble suits at all times. Don't worry, we're a fun crew.



Contact Us:  608.514.1796   Office Hours:  Mon - Fri 10:00 - 7:00

What should I wear and bring to play bubble soccer? 

There are no special clothes or equipment required. Most players wear standard athletic clothing and tennis shoes. Cleats are not allowed and players must remove all jewelry. We cannot allow sharp objects in the bubble suits. Knee pads are highly recommended. Due to safety concerns, eyeglasses and sunglasses are not allowed in the bubble suits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of venues are appropriate for bubble soccer? 

​​​Indoor soccer fields and basketball courts are ideal, but carpet, hardwood, turf and grass are all acceptable mediums. If you have questions about a potential venue, feel free to contact us! We currently allow play on outdoor soccer fields, but we cannot allow play in unmarked parks or backyards. Stickers, stones and dirt threaten the integrity of the suits. 


Do I need to be good at soccer in order to enjoy the sport? 

Nope! The balls make it somewhat difficult to see the ball and your feet, so traditional soccer players do not necessarily perform better than their opponents. The focus of the game often leans toward bouncing into opponents, not perfecting soccer skills. 

Will I get hurt playing bubble soccer?

You will definitely fall while playing bubble soccer; after all, part of the fun is knocking into your opponent! The bubbles prevent most body parts from directly hitting the ground as you are surrounded by two feet of air in all directions. Some taller users may prefer to bring knee pads. During warmer weather we encourage frequent breaks for those not accustomed to extended physical activity.  

Will I feel claustrophobic in the balls? 

The balls are open at the top and bottom of the ball to allow air to flow unrestricted through the suits. However, everyone has different thresholds and if you have concerns, you're welcome to try the suits before committing.